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    hi everyone, we'll be three weeks in Venezuela for our vacation but we want to spend a few days in Curacao as well, what popular Curacao tours do most tourist enjoy?
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    hi there,

    You can explore the Hato Caves with a guided tour and see the underground formations and even cave drawings and petroglyphs left behind by indigenous people.

    Jeep tours in Curacao are also very popular, especially through the rugged Christoffel National Park.

    However, the Blue Curacao Distillery tour has to be one of the most popular one since entry is free. This distillery has been producing the legendary liqueur distilled from the dried peel of the laraha citrus fruit since 1962.

    Blue Curacao Distillery tours allow you to tour the historic old mansion, see how the liqueur is distilled, enjoy a taste, and buy a bottle to take home.

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