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    what are the most popular India events, im trying to work out when to plan my holiday?..thanks
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    hi there,

    The most popular event in India is Diwali, which is a 5 day festival that represents the start of the Hindu New Year and represents the triumph of good over evil.

    Diwali is celebrated in October or November and the festival highlights include fireworks, candles, and small lamps that are lit during the celebration.

    Other events include:

    - Govinda festival which is a celebration of the birthday of Lord Krishna. The spectacle of this festival, celebrated in August or September, includes locals building human pyramids to try to climb and reach clay pots that have been strung across the streets.

    - Holi festival, which is a two-day festival and the event sees people throwing colored powder and water at one another and dancing beneath sprinklers.

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