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    We're planning a trip to St. Martin this year and we love surfing. we're looking around for popular surfing spots in St Martin so any input is appreciated...cheers guys!
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    hi there,

    The most popular surfing spots in St Martin include:

    - Guana Bay is less busy and has less amenities.

    - Orient Bay on the other hand is very well known and you will be sharing the beach and the ocean with many tourists. Orient Beach is also a nude beach and it is home to the Club Orient.

    - Le Galion Beach is just a short distance southeast from Orient Bay. The beach is protected by a coral reef allowing all kinds of great water fun even for the younger children as you can go about 30 yards into the surf and it is still not even waist deep.

    - Mullet Bay is another great family beach. Besides surfing, you can enjoy snorkeling and even explore caves.
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    I surf but have not surfed on St Martin as I've only been there for two single day trips. Returning this November I am hoping to surf this time.

    There is a reef off Orient Beach that has had very large waves visible both times I've been there.

    Last Dec I saw a couple with boards heading out to this place reachable by walking far to the right facing the water past the nude section, then out on a rocky point.

    When they returned later i asked them how it was and they sai it was pretty much impossible a scary because of the reef.

    They said there were some other surf-able places on the island one a cove further to the right from Orient Beach.

    There are a lot of wind surfers and even more kite surfers out at Orient Beach most of the time as it was pretty windy there on both of my visits. I think there is some surfing but not sure of the details.

    Good luck to you! maybe I'll see you out there.

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