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    My friend and I are planning a trip to South Korea in late autumn and we'd like to visit the most important places in the country. what are the most popular tours in South Korea for this? and what kind of tours can we do?
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    There are a wide variety of popular tours in South Korea available to you when you travel to South Korea such as day-long hiking tours of some of the best mountain trails and cruise tours around the coastal cities in South Korea.

    There are also interesting tours such as tours of the Demilitarized Zone along the 38th Parallel, guided tours that visit temples and other natural attractions including the National Parks and other National Treasures.

    If you like to get a glimpse into the history of South Korea and the rift with North Korea. DMZ tours Korea give great insight into the history of the Korean peninsula.
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    Jenna gave a pretty good overview. If you were interested in touring Seoul, I'm sure you could find a tour company who will bring you to the top attractions. It wouldn't have to be a long-term or expensive tour, just a great way to see Seoul from an insider's perspective.
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    South Korea tour company

    anyone traveling to south korea for the first time would benefit from doing it with an organized tour. It will be the best way to get to know the country without having to worry about language issues, etc. Then, on your second trip back to south korea you can always go solo...at least, that's what i did. a tour company i'd recommend is Aju Incentive Tours because their tours include a cooking class, foot massages and a visit to a traditional herbal market where you can get acupuncture done.

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