popular villages in Ardennes region

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    hi guys,

    Has anyone got any recommendations on popular villages in Ardennes region and places to hike around there? any ideas?
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    hi there,

    One of the most popular villages in the Ardennes Region is the charming village of Echternach, which is surrounded by luscious woodlands where you can enjoy biking and hiking.

    Then, not far from Echternach, you can find the villages of Vianden and Esch-Sur-Sure.

    The village of Vianden is home to the picture-perfect Vianden Castle, which is surrounded by rolling hills and beautiful landscapes, which you can explore on foot.

    The village of Esch-Sur-Sure is also a quaint village that is circled by beautiful natural scenery. This picturesque village is also home to a great example of a medieval-type market in Luxembourg.

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