Portland to Newport drive

Discussion in 'Oregon' started by jenniConroe, May 14, 2015.

  1. jenniConroe

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    The drive between Portland and Newport takes around 3 hrs, which depends mostly on road conditions and how many stops you do along the way. As far as routes, you could drive south from Portland on I-5, then head west to Salem (Hwy 22) to Lincoln City and south on 101 to Newport. Or, you could go south on I-5 to Hwy 34, exit west towards Corvallis, and then continue on Hwy 20 to Newport.
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    the quickest route to Newport is to take I-205 south to I-5 and follow it to Hwy 34. then, exit toward Corvallis and the coast (I think it's Exit 228). while on I-5, I suggest doing a small de-tour to Silver Falls State Park for a bit of hiking. Simply, head to Salem and take Hwy 22 east toward Sublimity.
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    Newport is beautiful and great for families....there are two lighthouses open for tours and there is an aquarium and marine science center which you can visit for free. Also, the bayfront overlooks onto sea lions on the docks. While in Newport, I'd also suggest to drive south on Hwy 101 to the lovely seaside town of Yachats.
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    Newport also has boat tours where they go out across the bar into the Pacific ocean for a couple of hours. We've seen whales, birds, seals, and an assortment of other animals on the tour. I believe it was about $39 per person.

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