Portugal's new roundabout law

Discussion in 'Portugal' started by DonPedron, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. DonPedron

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    IF you're traveling to Portugal be in the know that Portuguese government has implement new driving law in the country in regards to roundabouts. From now on, if you want to turn right you will need to be on the inside lane. If you're driving straight ahead or turning left then you will need to be in the outside lane. Be wary of this especially if you plan to rent a car in Portugal.
  2. Ihaveseen

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    LOl, this law is doing the rounds (pun intended) in all Portuguese forums..I haven't been to Portugal for some time but the swapping of lanes like this will certainly cause some havoc, especially if the exit road goes into a single lane.
  3. Sarakenko

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    This new roundabout law isn't the only thing that changed. They have also lowered the alcohol limit for professional drivers and drivers who recently have passed their test, but the most significant change is that Portuguese identification cards now are needed for drivers who do not have the new citizen card. Which means as a foreign driver you will need to carry your passport in case you get stopped.

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