Potomac Highlands attractions

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    Highlands. Forests, falls, wilderness areas, the Potomac Highlands region is one of the top places to explore in West Virginia. If you're an explorer/adventurer, it doesn't get better than in the Potomac Highlands.A few attractions to note in Potomac Highlands are: the overhanging cliffs at Beartown State Park, Augusta Heritage Center, the National Radio Observatory, and the scenic train rides.
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    Cass Scenic Railroad

    If you enjoy train rides, I recommend going to Cass state park. You can hop on a steam engine which goes up to the top of Bald Knob. It's great fun seeing the beautiful scenery and enjoying the slow ride on a steep grade.
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    Plus, you've got the Allegheny Mountains to enjoy, which means some great downhill skiing in the winter and great hiking during warm weather. The Monongahela National Forest is really is pretty and cool to explore, as are the state parks: Lost River, Canaan Valley Resort, Blackwater Falls, Fairfax Stone Historic Monument.

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