Prague day trip to Innsbruck

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    One great thing worth doing while in Prague is taking a road trip to the Alps. I have done this many times when driving from Prague to Innsbruck (Austria), which takes around 6 hours including 2 stop overs. I would suggest stopping at the Czech-German border at Rozvadov, and also at the German-Austrian border gas station to get a vignette, which is needed for driving in Austria.
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    There are a few other routes you can take from Prague to Innsbruck. You can either go via Plzen, Regensburg and Munich; or via Plzen, Deggendorf, Landshut and Munich/Rosenheim. I suggest driving through the small towns and staying at one of the cute inns on the way.
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    Prague to Innsbruck by shuttle bus

    If you are a small group you can take a shared or private shuttle bus from Prague to Innsbruck. Even if you are just a couple you can find other tourists and share the cost of the shuttle bus. The shuttle bus will cost anything between $600 and $800.

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