Prague to Amsterdam by train

Discussion in 'Czech Republic' started by Domainrk, Jun 18, 2015.

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    If you plan to visit Amsterdam while visiting Prague, be aware that there is no direct train from Prague to Amsterdam. The only options you have are taking a night train connection from Prague to Cologne and a morning train to Amsterdam. The other option is taking a bus or train from Prague to Berlin, then change to another train from Berlin to Amsterdam.
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    The City Night Line (CLN) train is cheaper but can you really be on a train for more than 12 hrs and then having to change trains? I'd prefer flying...Easy jet airlines do flights to Prague for around $190.
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    it takes about the same time by night train and bus but bus is definitely less comfortable. By the way, the original poster said there is no direct train between Prague and Amsterdam but there is it's just the night train. There is no day train though. KLM and Czech Airline also fly nonstop between the two cities.
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    well i did it last year i took a train from amesterdam to Prague , it was an amizin experience

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