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Discussion in 'Czech Republic' started by packngo3, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. packngo3

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    Howdy. Am trying to plan a Germany/Czech Republic trip and am wondering if anyone has any good tips for traveling from Prague to Munich by train.
  2. 21dec2012

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    train travel between Prague and Munich

    Munich to Prague by train is a long trip to be done during the day in my opinion, though day trains are fast. However, I'd rather use a sleeper train, though there are only a couple of night trains per day going from Munich to Prague. Either way, if you get a night train take a sleeper compartment and travel 2nd class to save money.

    You can also save even more using this train if you use the Bavaria-Ticket for the part Munich to the Czech border and a normal ticket form there. The Bavaria-Ticket covers also all local public transport in Munich. You can buy it thus from any ticket machine also at a U-Bahn or tram stop and use it directly from your start point.
  3. packngo3

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    Thanks a bunch 21dec2012 for the timely and helpful response! That's some good info to arm myself with.

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