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Discussion in 'Las Vegas shows' started by, Jun 26, 2013.

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    Las Vegas Perks offers "PRINTABLE" Coupons - 50% off Shows, Dining & Attractions
  2. d360

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    Hi Vegas Discounts,

    What are some of the more popular shows you can you get 50% off on?
  3. Vagabonde

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    Vegas 4 Locals, Las Vegas Leisure Guide and the American Casino Guide (costs $13) are a few other great resource for finding printable coupons for Vegas. At the moment, the American Casino Guide has 2-1's free play and free spa.
  4. Polizeu

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    I buy the LVA Reward Booklet and American Casino Guide every year and I too would recommend them, especially the LVA booklet because it has some coupons you dont get in the other booklets such as Matchplays for the IP.

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