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Discussion in 'Malaysia' started by BenDestiller, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. BenDestiller

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    what is public transportation like in Malaysia and what do most people tend to use when traveling to the country: is it car rental of public transportation?
  2. Danny

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    Public transport is so cheap in Malaysia that car rental is not worth doing. Malaysian buses, taxis and trains are convenient and fast.

    You can get to the islands in Malaysia quickly and traveling between provinces is fast and easy. In fact, the major train route, built by the British, runs from Singapore, through Malaysia and up to Bangkok.

    If you are still not convinced, to give you an idea, daily rates for car rental are usually between $20.00 and $30.00, whereas you can ho on a bus and catch a ride for as little as $0.25!
  3. shootandscore

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    A very cheap method of transportation in Malaysia is public transport. The taxi will take around 100 RM from you for the whole day and you will be able to visit almost as many places as you can. Plus they already know the directions and famous places so it like you are getting not only transportation but a free guide as well in 100 RM.
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    best public transportation in asia

    I love the public transport over there...and you will too when you get there. You wont normally have to book bus tickets in advance unless you are travelling during a festival or public holiday. Saying this, trains are rather limited in Malaysia, and are much slower than buses. Buses are cheap and frequent and cover most places.
  5. seethesound

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    Malaysia's public transportation is cheap

    like the last poster said, don't worry about transport! You will never experience a country with so many transport options. I remember once missing my bus and having to wait 6 hours for the next but I was able to take a long distance taxi fairly cheap. If I was to do that back in Europe I would've probably had to sell a leg and an arm to afford it (lol)
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    For the long trip you can use luxury buses or you can use taxi services. But some taxi services cost lot. Metro is another option. Any way you can travel fast by metro (train) or super luxury buses.

    Cheers :)

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