Puebla Mexico

Discussion in 'Mexico' started by umisays, Nov 10, 2010.

  1. umisays

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    I am planning on stopping in Puebla Mexico and i am looking for some useful info on the place and interesting things to do..any ideas?
  2. Danny

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    Puebla Mexico has such a rich German heritage that even Oktoberfest is celebrated here.

    You'll also find plenty of German expats living in Puebla and plenty of things to do in the city like doing sightseeing on one of the double Decker buses, which take you through the most historical sections of the city such as the Amparo Museum of the African Safari Zoo.

    Other popular things to do in Puebla include visiting the pyramid of Cholula, and the National Museum of Mexican Railroads, as well as the famous Chihuahua Pacific Railway. The history Mexico Puebla has to offer is fascinating and worth exploring.

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