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Discussion in 'Aruba' started by bruseforsith, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. bruseforsith

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    The main airport in Aruba is the Queen Beatrix Airport. It's not huge but arriving there is nice and taxis, transfer buses and rental cars are easy to find. A tip I wanted to share with you if you're planning to buy liquor there is to purchase it at the duty-free airport before you leave because it's the cheapest place.
  2. doping45

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    you can buy alcohol in the grocery stores though like the last poster said it's more convient to but it from the duty free shop at the airport. Saying this, keep in mind that the Aruba Customs people only allow you to take home 1 litre of distilled beverages or 2.25 litres of wine or 3 litres beer.
  3. edcafy00

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    Liquor in Aruba is pretty expensive compared to other Caribbean islands due to a very high duty on the importation of liquor. I'd say alcohol there is pretty close to double the price you'd pay in America.
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    Liquor is quite expensive in Aruba. Its best if you can buy some of that from a duty free shop at airport. Otherwise you spend a lot on drink in Aruba.

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