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Discussion in 'Egypt' started by ert13, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. ert13

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    My brother and his 3 classmates(studying in Tasmania University) are planning 5 days Egypt tour and wondering how to make arrangements for the day tours of the Pyramids of Giza. Is it good to pre book through a travel agent? or any other way? anybody help if you can. thanks.
  2. Andrew

    Andrew Moderator

    Pyramids of Giza visit is perfectly possible to do on their own. There are numerous taxis available to get into Giza, but your brother must negotiate with them and make it clear that he only needs to see the Pyramids otherwise they'll take him around shopping and charge him more. Tell him to hire a taxi which is in Yellow because they metered and air conditioned with low prices. hope this helps to your brother!
  3. mullins

    mullins New Member

    A lot of the hotels have tours available, just ask at the desk
  4. ert13

    ert13 New Member

    Thanks for the responses which i have received. what are the other things to do in Giza?
  5. donna

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    Giza is best known only for its pyramids and you can visit small temples and pyramids around there. If you travel around Egypt then you can visit Hurghada, Siwa Oasis and luxor. Hurghada is famous for sea sports and has numerous aquatic sports facilities. It has beautiful underwater garden as well to explore. View the Nile reiver, which is the longest river in the world and try to go for one of the many Nile cruises. Luxor is famous for its historical attractions and Siwa Oasis is popular for its hot springs, which are having healing properties. so better try to visit these places if you find time, good luck!

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