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Discussion in 'Bahrain' started by pelotaMadera, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. pelotaMadera

    pelotaMadera New Member

    I have a few questions about Bahrain regarding security for westerners and expats going about their business there and dress codes. any ideas would be welcome to make my mind up..thanks!
  2. EtroAnime

    EtroAnime New Member

    Bahrain is okay for tourists

    im sure you're aware of the government crack downs on the people, right? Saying this, the security situation is mostly okay for tourists and expats. Just be sure to be respectful and you'll be fine. Again, clothing isn't an issue since many people wear western clothes all the time.
  3. some-some

    some-some New Member

    Bahrain dress code is more relaxed

    yep, clothing isn't as a big issue in Bahrain as it is in Saudi where you have to cover up with an Abaya there no matter where you go! Feel free to wear short denim shorts/shirts, summer tops, mini dresses, etc. To sum up, I have never felt threatened in Bahrain, just make sure you relax and not become uptight!

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