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Discussion in 'Mauritius' started by adtf, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. adtf

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    Hi, I'm finally taking this year my family to Mauritius (though Sri Lanka could be a possibility) and we are all very excited. It will be me, the wife and our two young teenage daughters).

    I have several questions regarding Mauritius like what is there to do there besides the beach? Also, I know the island is small but what parts of Mauritius are good to look at to give us access to water activities, shopping and enjoying the culture?
  2. Hitchcock

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    There's lots to see and do in Mauritius

    It's true Mauritius is small but you will be surprised how much you can do there besides spending time in the beach. As far as places to stay, the North, Northwest and West sections of Mauritius are best for water activities, shopping, etc. By the way, Sri Lanka is also nice. In fact, I've been to Sri Lanka twice and loved it every time, though it's a total different kettle of fish that you can't compare it to Mauritius.
  3. Donthiuy

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    5 things to do in Mauritius

    Mauritius' beaches are one of the reasons to travel there but there's lots more to do besides laying on the beach from the beaches. When I was there I got to do a catamaran cruise to Gabriel Island, quad biking, zip lining, hiking the beautiful Black River Gorge NP, parasailing, visit Pamplemousses Botanical Garden, rum tasting at Rhumerie de Chamarel and visit the lovely Corson Tea Estate.
  4. wanderer

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    You're all right about the beaches...I haven't been to Mauritius, but I would recommend checking into the things to do in Port Louis, on the northeast of the island. The island's biggest city is home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Aspravasi Ghat, a reminder of the past...a time when indentured servants passed through the port. It's not exactly fun, but it good be a good lesson for the kids and a learning opportunity.

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