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    Chintpurni is one of the most of the most religious places in Himachal Pradesh. Owing to the nice weather, it is frequented by a lot of tourists. In addition to the main temple of Mata Chintpurni, there are quite a few other tourist attractions which you can visit as well. Owing to this very reason whenever you are visiting Chintpurni, it is better to explore the town including the different tourist attractions rather than just the main center of attraction.
    We would today detail some of the other tourist attractions of Chintpurni to provide you with a detailed guide to explore the town.

    1 Chaat Bazaar:
    If you’re looking to explore the local cuisine, this is the famous street to visit. This street would help you explore the local culinary options as well as provides you with some famous North Indian delicacies.

    2 Chintpurni Fair:
    The chintpurni fair is held thrice throughout the year. It is held in March, April and July, August and September, October. The fair helps you to explore the local culture as well as traditions. In addition to that, you can easily buy local handicrafts as well as other stuff made locally.

    3 Naina Devi Temple:
    Naina Devi temple is around 115km south of Chintpurni. The temple is frequented by tourists from all over the country due to its religious significance.

    4 Kangra:
    Kangra is another tourist attraction or a small town near Chintpurni. It is one of the best places to visit if you want to explore the natural side of Himachal Pradesh.

    Ideally, when you’re heading over to this town it is best to visit during the months of April to September. This ensures that you are having pleasant weather and you would be able to more easily explore the place around.

    The best way to reach the town would be to take a flight to Dharamshala or Chandigarh and get a cab from the airport to the town. Cabs are readily available outside the airport. However, be sure to get a few quotations before agreeing on the cab price as frequently, the cab drivers quote you an exorbitant amount. Chintpurni is also well connected by road with the rest of the state and the country

    So, if you are visiting the town of Chintpurni, you have to surely explore the above few tourist attractions which we have mentioned. In addition to that, you have to just choose the best way to reach the place among the options mentioned.

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    Thank you very much, to provide the travel guide to Chintpurni.

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