Recommended side trips from Rio

Discussion in 'Brazil' started by willsmith, May 16, 2013.

  1. willsmith

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    Here it's a few recommendations for side trips from Rio if anyone is looking for any. I recommend you visit Ilha Grande, Paraty and Buzios because these places are relatively close to Rio and can be reached by coach buses which depart from Rodoviaria, which is Rio's main bus terminal. if you have more time and money to play with, you could visit Foz do Iguaçu so that you can visit the Iguazu Falls.
  2. Kalafnikoof

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    Ilha de Paqueta island is just a short ferry ride across Guanabara bay from Rio but it feels like a world away from Rio. You won't find cars there, so the only way to get around is on foot or bike, or you can take to the waters in a peddle boat. Btw, try to catch a ferry at the end of the afternoon for superb sunset views of Rio.
  3. The80'srock!

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    Buzios is nice but this area is the playground for the rich. My personal recommendation for a day trip from Rio is Petropolis. It's a couple of hours journey from Rio but it's one of the best spots in Brazil to learn about the country's history. The main musuem there is the Imperial Museum, which is stunning and filled with 19th objects.
  4. Df.Tommi

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    My suggestion when choosing a day trip from Rio is to choose based on things you like doing. For instance, if you want unspoiled and uncrowded beaches, Ilha Grande (Big Island) is the place to go. Paqueta Island is nice too, but this island's beaches are beautiful because of the lush tropical forests.

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