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Discussion in 'Russia' started by Olbas3409, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. Olbas3409

    Olbas3409 New Member

    are flats cheaper and easy to rent in Russia and how do they compare with hotels? I appreciate some input on this since I've never been there let alone renting!
  2. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    If you've rented a house of apartment before, renting a flat in Russia is pretty straight forward and follows the same rules. Basically, you’ll want to do research on the internet ahead of time, and avoid dealing with any property owners directly.

    As you can probably imagine, it'll be safer to go through an agency since you'll be able to tell them your specific requests, and they should be able to locate apartments all across Russia.

    Also, land owners may require a minimum stay, usually two or three days, but possibly up to a week, so bear this in mind!

    By the way, whether you're planning to rent a flat or stay in a hotel in Russia, if you plan to come during the summer, I suggest starting now since summer is the busy season.
  3. adomeonia

    adomeonia New Member

    As others said, renting a flat in Russia turns out to be more beneficial if you travel with friends, otherwise a hotel will be way cheaper for a week-long
  4. Alex Akdov

    Alex Akdov New Member

    Hotels in Russia are expensive and few of them. The best solution would be to rent an apartment. You can easily find several agencies.
  5. Ayla77

    Ayla77 New Member

    Russia is the incredible travel place to all over the World. That's really exciting trips choice to your mind.

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