Restaurants and night life in Madrid :)

Discussion in 'Spain' started by Julia282, Jan 29, 2016.

  1. Julia282

    Julia282 New Member

    Hello to everyone! :) I will travel to Madrid in March, and I've seen that there is already a topic dedicated to things to see in Madrid, so I was wondering about the night life and activities, like where I can see good flamenco, and places to eat in Madrid. Anyone can recommend something? :)
  2. Kidtonto

    Kidtonto New Member

    March won't be that hot which is nice...last time I was in Madrid in July it was so hot (like 40 degrees C). Do you like museums? Nightlife is great with tons of clubs, bars, etc. What part of Madrid do you plan to stay? I can tell you more then.

  3. Julia282

    Julia282 New Member

    I will stay in the city center, in Malasana area. :D Yes, I love museums, I want to go to famous Prado :)

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