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Discussion in 'Travel News' started by insideme34, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. insideme34

    insideme34 New Member

    Any retirees on this forum? I'll be retiring in 2 years time and im in the process of locating a nice spot (outside of the US) where to spend it.

    Rather than researching countries I may want to retire in, I though it would be a good idea to research countries that offer retirement visas. I am open to any countries and regions so any ideas potential overseas spots to retire I would be thankful.
  2. babyShamps

    babyShamps New Member

    where to retire

    Have you thought about looking on the embassy web page of the country you want to retire to? I would've thought they would have that info there. Other than that, from the top of my head, I would have suggested Japan and Singapore as candidates to retire to but as far as i know they do not offer retirement visas right now. I believe Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia do offer one.
  3. gillotineprod

    gillotineprod New Member

    age of retirement

    hey buddy, how come you prefer not to retire in the US? I know many US expats choose places to retire like Thailand, Argentina and Mexico, where retirement visas are relatively easy to obtain if you can prove you have an income of more than $2000 per year. Most countries dont mind retirees as long as they aren't coming to compete for jobs with the locals. I presume you're over 50, right?
  4. lowtide

    lowtide New Member

    Retirement visa to Australia

    Australia would be a good place to retire, but there are several "annoying" regulations. The Australian government call it "The Investor Retirement Visa Program", which is only for people over 55 years of age, able to support themselves financially and have no dependent family members.
  5. BertyJones

    BertyJones New Member

    retire in Spain

    I think is wise that you're choosing to retire away from the US. I dont see the states being a great place to be for the foreseeable future because of all the "madness" happening here at the moment with gun confiscation issue at the moment. Have you thought retiring to Spain? Spain is very (very) popular with British retirees so you wont have much of an issue with language there.
  6. Vicolette

    Vicolette Super Moderator

    Australia and Spain would be good choices. I'd consider Costa Rica simply for the scenery and being able to hike through the rainforest but my first choice would be New Zealand. From what I've read, to get a retirement visa for wherever you decide to live will most likely come with a set of requirements and/or restrictions. Good luck!
  7. itlokgreat

    itlokgreat New Member

    where to relocate

    It's funny because spain has probably the largest community of english speaking expats anywhere in wonder some people refer to spain and an english colony (lol). As far as new zealand, I've been there on vacation and it was awesome...but as far as relocating there im not sure since I was told that new zealand has an issue with foreigners living there.

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