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    So what are the must-sees in Reykjavik? As the biggest city in Iceland, it's home to some of the most visited attractions and most experienced tours. What are your favorite things to do in and around Reykjavik?
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    msut do in Reykjavik

    the must in Reykjavik are Thingvellir National Park, Imagine Peace Tower and the spas. However, for the golden circle is a must while in Reykjavik. You can do it either with a bus or booking a jeep tour with one of the tour companies in town. You should also do the Blue Lagoon but if you're on a budget, it's best you head to the cheaper local swimming pools in Reykjavik.
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    dont miss seeing in Reykjavik

    one attraction you cannot miss in Reykjavik is Perlan (or The Pearl). It's a cool piece of architecture built in the early 90's, which features large tanks in which natural hot water is stored for heating the city. there's also a glass dome where you will find a rotating restaurant (out of all places!). Dont miss the museums either: the National Museum, Saga Museum and Reykjavik City Museum (open-air).
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    Reykjavik northern lights tour

    the northern lights tour from Reykjavik is worth it, though these types of tours are very dependent on weather so they never guaranteed you will see them. You can book a northern lights tour through the local company there but wherever you do be sure you book it the first day you arrive in Reykjavik.

    Another thing, if you travel in winter make sure you dress properly for the cold by wearing several layers, scarves, gloves and hats because you will absolutely freeze otherwise!

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