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    One of the finest museums in the world is located in Amsterdam. It's one of the first places people visit when they arrive in Amsterdam and is often suggested for layovers. This wonderful museum is chock full of amazing art, including works from Rembrandt. The museum is also known for its amazing architecture. Have you had the chance to visit the Rijksmuseum?
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    i would also agree the Rijksmuseum is a great museum...it has lots of artifacts and famous paintings by Rembrandt, Vermeer (Milkmaid and the Night Watch) and other notable artists. One thing I would say is that you allocate 4-5 hours of your time...this musuem is huge!
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    I would recommend a visit to the Rijksmuseum to everyone...
    All great Dutch masters are hanging there, along with ofcourse foreign masters, and like said by another poster, take half a day of your time to visit, and still you haven't seen everything.
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    great for history buffs

    you cannot travel to Amsterdam and not visit this museum. The musuem is one of the best in Europe. Even if you are not into art, you will find this place fascinating because of paintings that seem to jump at you! The museum's paintings will give you a new found appreciation for Amsterdam as you are taken back in history and glimpse life in Holland hundreds of years ago.
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    Rijksmuseum is really a great museum in Amsterdam city. It was founded in 1800. this museum has full of art collections related to the history of Amsterdam. I was visited this museum during my last year trip to Amsterdam city

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