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    The first drawings of of how Rio's Olympic Park will look have been unveiled and I have to say that Rio's Olympic Park looks like is going to be stunning. The Olympic park will be located in the neighborhood of Barra da Tijuca, which was the site of the former grand prix track. I've uploaded some photos so you guys can take a look.

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    Re: Rio 2016 Olympic Park strike

    thanks for the image uploads...did you hear about the strikes there? The workers working on the stadium are on strike demanding a wage increase, meal vouchers and private health insurance for their families. Apparently, they have threatened to call a longer strike next week if their demands are not met. I don't understand why these workers aren't paid adequately when the Brazilian goverment is going to spend $458 millions in the stadium.
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    They should pay them better for sure. On that note, anyone heard that taekwondo may be axed from Rio 2016 Olympic programme? I don't get why they would do this and still keep golf, which is so boring
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    Which events will be held in Rio

    Apparently, the The Barra de Tijuca barrio in southwest Rio will host the most olympic venues, including boxing, table-tennis, badminton, gymnastics and most aquatic events. The Olympic and Paralympic villages and the Olympic Park will all located in the Barra Zone.

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