Rio 2016 Summer Olympics

Discussion in 'Brazil' started by 20/20 catch, Apr 23, 2015.

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    If you didn't know summer Olympics will be taken place in Rio in 2016. If you are not Brazilian, you need to contact your local Authorised Ticket Reseller (ATR). s far as I know, the cheapest tickets will be 40 Brazilian reals (about $13), while the most expensive ticket for a sports event will be 1,200 Brazilian reals ($372). Some events like the marathon and road cycling will be free.
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    wow, next year is going to be a packed year for Brazil with the summer Olympics and carnival in early march. I wonder how this (if any) will benefit the local people economically.
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    Rio 2016 Summer Olympics dates

    I found out that the Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro will be from August 5 to 21. Does anyone know why there are summer and winter games? I though the Olympics were every 4 years?
  4. Danny

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    Olympic Games history

    Yes, that's correct. The Olympic Games were every 4 years but since 1992 they started subdividing the games into summer and winter games so now they are ever 2 years.

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    The games are getting close. Do you think they'll be ready??? Probably not, but I suspect they're still going to be amazing to watch.
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    So, the games have been going fairly well (although the Ryan Lochte stuff seems to be crazy. Probably shouldn't have accused the locals of robbing him when he was destroying local property). It's been really fun to watch the games, especially the women's gymnastics. What have been your favorite parts of the games? Are you going to keep watching until the last minutes of the opening ceremonies?


    2016 Opening Ceremonies. Photo: AgĂȘncia Brasi

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