Ripley's Aquarium opening tomorrow

Discussion in 'Canada' started by jackthelad, Oct 15, 2013.

  1. jackthelad

    jackthelad New Member

    Good news folks!

    Ripley's Aquarium of Canada in Toronto is finally opening their doors to the public tomorrow (Wednesday October 16th). I am for one very excited about this and will be making my way there in mid November. The aquarium will be huge with more than 16,000 marine animals and over 400 species. I know Ripley's Aquarium is going to be one of the top attractions in Canada now;)
  2. ezzexgal

    ezzexgal New Member

    Ripley's Aquarium opened today

    Good to hear that they finally opened the aquarium. I thought they would reschedule the opening date after they failed to keep their promise to open it last June (the original opening date). Either way, it's good that it's opened because Toronto needed a new attraction badly and Ripley's is the answer. I like the location of the aquarium at the base of the CN Tower...good stuff.
  3. Photofun

    Photofun New Member

    Ripley's Aquarium admission price

    Yes, another attraction addition to Toronto is great but I'm already put off because of the admission price...$30 for adults. What do you all think? I think the price is a little steep considering the Toronto Zoo is $28 with a lot more to see. Maybe the Aquarium will be awesome and I'll be pleasantly surprised. Will see!
  4. whatyagona

    whatyagona New Member

    I took my sister to ripley's aquarium this friday and it was a fun experience for her. However, do I think the $30 admission price we spend was good value? I think that will be debated.

    My thoughts as someone who likes snorkeling and scuba diving and who has been to other aquariums is that ripley's is okay overall but I prefer seeing animals in their natural environment and not held captive and exploited to entertain humans in return for money.
  5. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    Aquariums tend to be the most expensive attractions out there..I think that's even higher to visit the Georgia Aquarium. Just think of all the bills they have to keep the animals safe and happy. And you probably have a lot of start-up expenses. I met the sales manager at a work function a few weeks ago and she's just a doll...she is very excited about this place. I love that it's so close to everything...the CN Tower and Rogers Centre are right there. That would be a fun day!

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