River Cano Cristales in Colombia-how to get there?

Discussion in 'Colombia' started by SharkAttk, Jul 2, 2017.

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    Hi there,

    When is the best time to visit River Cano Cristales in Colombia. Also can anybody help on how to get there from Bogota. Thanks .
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    River Cano Cristales is one of the most popular key attraction of Colombia and the best time to visit it between July and November. The river becomes very colorful during this time. A mix of plants & light transformed this river into a living rainbow of 5 colors.

    From Bogota, you have to reach Villavicencio by flight or bus. And by flight you can reach to La Macarena from Villavicencio by flight. From La Macarena, you can hire a guide, that would take you to the river. There are 1 night, 3 nights and 4 nights packages to CaƱo Cristales are available by flight. So book online and enjoy the beauty of the River Cano Cristales.

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