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Discussion in 'Saudi Arabia' started by Vegasgrl, Apr 18, 2017.

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    Hi there, I'm visiting Riyadh for a business trip with my business partner in mid July, and thinking about staying an extra 3 days to get around. Any suggestions on the best hotels to stay near the city centre? Thank you so much in advance!
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    Hyatt Regency in Central Riyadh is a luxury hotel and I stayed once here and it offers free valet, free WiFi, indoor pool, spa, fitness center, kids club and more. There are some good budget hotels too including Tulip Inn Al Reef, Carawan Al Fahd, Rokn Almarsa, and Delmon Shrouq Hotel. They all are situated very near to the attractions such as Al Faisaliah Tower, Masmak Castle, Antiquities Museum and Sky Bridge.

    I really really like to eat kebab in Riyadh. From lamb kebabs to fish kebabs, all are delicious. Also, the Middle East is famous for grilled meat, and Saudi Arabia is no exception on it. Visit Riyadh and explore the richness, culture & food.

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