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Discussion in 'California' started by acker00, May 10, 2008.

  1. acker00

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    Me and my friends are going on a road trip in august. We fly into Las Vegas, then want to go to Grand Canyon, then LA, Monterey, San Fransisco.

    I have some Q´s:
    -How long time do we need to drive from Vegas to Grand C?
    -How long time to drive from Grand C to LA?

    Will it be necessary to make stop-overs, and if so, any recommandations on cities/places on the way to see?

    Does anyone have any tips what´s not to miss out on?And is there any big happenings in the area between 5-15 of august?

  2. Lynnie81

    Lynnie81 Moderator

    Its around 570 miles from Las Vegas to San Francisco and would usually take around 9 hours if you werent planning on making any stops, obviously you are..

    It should take you roughly 4 hours to drive to the Grand Canyon as this is almost 300 miles from Vegas,

    From the Grand Canyon its around 792 Miles, this journey would take approx 12 hours, but again this would only be if you werent planning on making any stops.

    On your journey to the Grand Canyon you could stop off in Phoenix

    In Phoenix you could go to the zoo where they have over 200 species, play golf on one of their superb golf courses.

    On your trip from the Grand Canyon to San Francisco, depending on how long your planning your trip to be, you could drive east over to San Diego and work your way up the coast, passing through Los Angeles and San Jose before arriving in San Francisco.

    Your choosing major cities here so there is so much you are able to do, Restaurants, Bars, Museums, Aquariums, Beaches, Amazing shops, you could visit Big Sur, Old Faithful and the list goes on and on.

    Check out the following link for things to do in California

    It could turn into a long trip so i don't think you could do it without making some stops. I don't know of you would wanna drive and check out some motels on your way or book accomodation in advance.
  3. supplex

    supplex New Member

    Las Vegas/ San Francisco Road Trip

    If you're visiting the Grand Canyon, you should consider an overnight stay in the Grand Canyon National Park on the leg between Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

    As far as Las Vegas, Vegas is super hot and humid this time around of the year so I wouldn't spend more than two days there max.

    Monterey is all right though you'll love it in San Francisco best so spend most if your time there. Trust me, Vegas is way too over hyped..SF is the place to be!
  4. gabdegale

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    driving to Vegas, LA and SF

    first of all, I'd start the road trip in San Francisco, then Los Angeles and Las Vegas last. Otherwise, you'll be backtracking since LA to SF can be done in a day, but you'd need at least 2 days to visit any one of those places you mentioned.

    I personally suggest heading down the coast along the paciffic highway, and stop at Monterey and Grand Sur before heading to San Francisco. From SF, you can visit Yosemite and Death Valley national parks, which is on the way to Vegas.
  5. guevara

    guevara New Member

    California Road trip via LA, Grand Canyon and Vegas

    I think someone mentioned here to see the Grand Canyon rims...well, if you do, be aware that north and south rim sides are about a 5 hour drive between the two.

    I also agree that should actually rework your road trip route so you don't double back to Vegas. Instead, spend your first days in Las Vegas, then head to the Canyon, and then straight to LA from there. Also, from the Grand Canyon to Los Angeles is a full day on the road, but it saves you a few hours.
  6. popthetrse

    popthetrse New Member

    driving along Hwy 1

    I'd say don't miss out on driving along Hwy 1 particularly between Cambria and Big Sur... it's absolutely amazing, one of the best stretches of road you will ever drive. Big Sur is just stunning, and you will love the central coast for its beauty as well. I did the San Simeon to Big Sur in just 1 afternoon and I made plenty of stops for taking pictures, taking a picnic, etc. I highly recommend it!
  7. us4elec

    us4elec New Member

    Las Vegas to Grand Canyon trip

    The drive from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon will take at least 11 hours so you can do it in 1 day, though you will need an early start and enough stamina to drive for all those hours. I'd suggest leaving Las Vegas at 7 in the morning for best sightseeing, and for having enough time to drive around, peer over a few overlooks and take some photos.

    As far as North or South rims, the North Rim is my personal favorite as it's far less crowded than the south, it has the better views, and Zion National Park is on the way so it's an added bonus.
  8. guio6ju

    guio6ju New Member

    Grand Canyon National Park

    There really is no public transportation to the Grand Canyon National Park South Rim. There are tours by air or ground from Las Vegas, but overnight options are very rare.

    Best way to do it is rent a car and drive yourself as roads are easy and you'll save money. Also, the best place to stay is inside the the Grand Canyon National Park as there plenty of inexpensive lodging available.

  9. catastropfe

    catastropfe New Member

    Make a stop-over at Zion National Park

    I suggest staying in Vegas for about 3 nights, then travel to the Grand Canyon though dont do the trip to the Canyon in one day.

    Make a stop-over at Zion National Park and stay there for a couple of nights then on to the Canyon for say 3 nights before heading back to Vegas.By the way, I think the road trip would be best in March or May, and if you do end up staying in Zion I recommend staying at Cliffrose Lodge and Gardens.
  10. nogalsaloud

    nogalsaloud New Member

    South Rim of the Grand Canyon

    I have to agree that the South Rim of the Grand Canyon is by far the most spectacular of the two. As far as the drive from Los Angeles to the Grand Canyon it will be a long one, but the good thing is that you can stop at Kingman, Seligman or Williams along the way. The drive is worth it though as you will see plenty of desert scenery along the way.

    Also, there is not much in between LA and Las Vegas except desert, so if you have an extra night, you could think about driving up into the San Bernardino mountains and spending a night there, even going out through Palm Springs, stopping over somewhere around there.
  11. K.john

    K.john New Member

    GC is about 200 miles from LV

    The Grand Canyon is over 200 miles from Las Vegas though you can easily get to Grand Canyon on highway 93 south from Las Vegas to Interstate 40 east to highway 64, which takes a little under 5 hours.

    If you've never been to GC I really recommend visiting Grand Canyon Village to get oriented with the National Park. The visitors center is located in the village and offers lectures, videos and rangers to assist you.

    I wouldn't advise though attempting to hike to the bottom of the canyon by yourself. It's best you take a brisk walk about a third of the way down which still gives you great views of the expansive canyon.

  12. dominoeffect

    dominoeffect New Member

    Hoover Dam stop over

    You should do Vegas to Grand Canyon in one trip without any stop overs, though you could do Hoover Dam which is either a one hour stop to see it, or 1-2 hours more for guided tours.

    As far as Driving from Las Vegas the highway no longer travels across the dam. There is now a bypass bridge over the canyon, and the dam is not visible from the bridge. If you want to see Hoover Dam, save it for the return trip, or take a short trip from LV another day.

    Also iIn my opinion, Chloride is not worth the stop, and you cannot drive to Supai Village as it can only be reached by hiking down 9 miles.

    In my opinion, spend your time at GCNP. The amount of time you have planned is perfect for a first-time visitor to the canyon.
  13. joancantona

    joancantona New Member

    Road Trip from LA to Vegas

    I've done a road trip between LA to Vegas a few times before and I'd suggest to avoid doing it over the weekend as the traffic is really bad. On any weekend, you'll see traffic lots of traffic and your drive to Vegas wont be pleasant at all.

    Also, on the stop there, you may want to stop over at Barstow which is a good place to stop and fill your tank and your stomach.
  14. t@m@r@

    t@m@r@ New Member

    Road Trip between LA and LV

    I did a road trip early this year between Los Angeles and Las Vegas and took over 4 hours. I took the Interstate 5 which takes you northeast from Los Angeles to Barstow then across the vast expanse of the Mojave Desert to Las Vegas Nevada. The road is great, though I remembered it being very busy on Friday which is why I suggest you avoid the Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings as many Californians head to Vegas for weekend getaways.
  15. joancantona

    joancantona New Member

    Road Trip to Vegas

    I did a road trip to Vegas not long ago over a weekend, and roads were jam-packed with traffic. Trust me,there will be traffic even at 3 a.m on a Saturday morning! My advice is to do the road trip during the week. On an average weekend, the traffic is not too bad and you can usually make it from L.A. to Vegas in about 6 hours. Mind you, you'll still encounter a bit of traffic around Barstow, but it'll clear up and you could end up going about 70 mph the rest of the way.
  16. biooil

    biooil New Member

    Vegas to LA road trip

    I drove to Vegas this past labor day weekend, though it's a drive I have done many times before from Los Angeles. I realized that this drive has barely changed at all in the last few years as I'm still seeing the same sights, the same funny landmarks like the World's Largest Thermometer and the Zzyzx Road sign.

    There is also the useless agricultural inspection station booth.... If you're unfamiliar with that, when you're driving from Vegas to L.A., right before you hit Barstow, you have to drive through an agricultural inspection. It looks like a toll booth and, in theory, I guess it's there to make sure you're not smuggling oranges or something into California.
  17. milfordplaza

    milfordplaza New Member

    I individually recommend going down the shore along the paciffic freeway, and quit at Monterey and Fantastic Sur before going to San Francisco. From SF, you can check out Yosemite and Loss of life Area nature, which is on the way to Nevada.

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