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    The West End is the most tourists hang around because of the many restaurants and shops. West Bay is nice but it's a bit like a "little Cancun" so I didn't like it all that much, aside for staying there as a base. Most tour operators are located there as well as local hire drivers. Saying this, I suggest going out on your own because it's very easy getting around on a local mini bus and inexpensive too. If catching a taxi in Roatan, be sure to negotiate the fare before getting in. Trust me, you'll save a lot of bother!
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    West Bay and West End are the touristy villages in Roatan. They have good restaurants and places to stay, and several large resorts. The are also several dive shops, if you are interested in learning to scuba dive. If you prefer staying a bit off the tourist trail, go to Sandy Bay there are a couple of hostels there.
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    Roatan West Bay

    One thing I was really taken by while in Roatan was the bugs. Bring bug repellent containing DEET with you because you'll need it. Also, bring artificial lighting like torches because the electricity dailyy goes off on the island. Oh yes, be sure to rent scooters to get around....they're a great experience and so much fun. Best snorkelling is done off West Bay and Half Moon Bay.

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