Rock of Ages

Discussion in 'Las Vegas shows' started by mitraveler, Jan 20, 2013.

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    The movie may not have been a hit, but you can't deny that the stage show is a lot of fun. And what's more fun that Las Vegas? The musical, crafted out of '80s music standards, is playing at the Venetian Theatre this winter. Do you have your Rock of Ages tickets yet?
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    Rock of Ages review

    Rock of Ages musical has been running since December last year and I had the opportunity to see it first time it came out on December 18. All I can say is that it is a fantastic show and suitable for any audience, particularly rockers and music lovers.. I may go and see Rock of Ages again before March 31 of this year when the show ends.
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    Rock of Ages rocks!

    Another "fab" vote for Rock Ages! The show is amazing but it tends to attract the mature 80's crowd, though like the last poster said..if love music, you will enjoy the show. Honestly, the music will make you want to get up and put on some 80's glam rock makeup afterwards! The songs really brought back great memories of 80's hair metal bands, which I missed so much;)
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    Rock of Ages is family friendly?

    Some said Rock of Ages is family friendly? Rock of Ages is a good laugh and most adults will enjoy it but some of the costumes, dancing and language used is certainly not be appropriate for kids under the age of 14 . Even at 14, I think 14 years is too young for this show, though it's cool to see kids being able to see their parents rockin' like they did back in the day!

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