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Discussion in 'Australia' started by keko, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. keko

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    i'll be visting from guam and wondering if there is any indoor and outdoor climbing in cairns or the near area. and also good and inexpensive hotel accommodations.

    i also kitesurf, are the waters warm there in the month of october and what are the winds like.

    appreciate your input.

  2. world trecker

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    "Warm" is a subjective term, but this old man felt quite comfortable along the Great Barrier Reef the one time he was there. It was around this time of year...not quite October but close. I believe the water was about 75 degrees (fahrenheit...~24 celcius). It was also quite windy at times and I did see the occassional kitesurfer.

    Can't help much with info on rock climbing or lodging in Cairns, as I didn't stay there (and I don't rock climb). Good luck with your trip!
  3. d360

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    Not much around Cairns but there is awesome climbing throughout the east coast - in August and September you may find it too cold to camp in the Blueys, but Nowra should be fine

    Best place to go near Sydney is the Wolgan Valley.
    Great camping, soaring crack lines and beautiful outdoor setting.
    You will find all the trad you desire from 5.2 - 5.11.
    You will need a car - 2.5 hours west (past Lithgow).

    There are good small cliffs at Berowra and in Sutherland.
    Nowra has good shorter sport routes but not a particularly inspiring setting
    Point Perpendicular has fantastic exposed trad and sport above crashing waves

    Hope that helps!
  4. GFluz

    GFluz New Member

    what are the bluey's

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