Role playing adventure coming to Disney World

Discussion in 'Florida' started by wanderer, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. wanderer

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    Those with big imaginations, start making your plan for Disney World. Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom will being early next year and will be included with regular admission. Merlin begins the adventure, and the recruits are sent out on adventures in search of Disney baddies.
  2. maroon5

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    Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

    this is very exciting for Disney World because it will add a level of interactivity where families, young and old can interact together. I hope it will be similar to the Midship Detective Agency on the Disney Dream, which offers visitors the opportunity to not just be a passive observer, but an active participant in the story and details of the Magic Kingdom.
  3. walterscott

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    Sorcerers at Disney World

    Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom will be most like the Midship Detective Agency. I've never gotten to experience how that works, but it must work pretty well. The "Kimmunicators" can sometimes get a bit noisy and annoying, so I'd almost prefer to see this game not use any digital devices. Either way, Sorcerers is looking promising. Can't wait to see the final result!
  4. mitraveler

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    This should be a great way to explore the Magic Kingdom. I hope its fun and worth our time. Does anyone know how much this will cost?
  5. qlopanl

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    Disney World ticket prices

    Disney World announced recently that it will cost a little bit more to get into the park. The base single day ticket now costs $85, which is a $3 increase, while the multi-day park pass have increased to $251 ($14 hike). It doesn't seem like much but this is what happens when a new attraction is added to theme parks..prices just go up. I also hope this sorcerers playing adventure is actually good!


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