Rome, Athens and Cairo ... from Milan!

Discussion in 'Italy' started by Rawz, Sep 4, 2009.

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    Hello, I am glad I found this community. I am trying to plan a trip(dream trip), but information aint easy to find on what I need. I am from Brasil.
    My plan is to visit Rome, then Athens, then Cairo, on a "ancient history" motivation ...

    Thing is, I have 3 weeks, I can spend 1 week on each city, on one resort each city.

    And I will have 3 more people with me. The trip is intended for April-May 2010.(the resort accommodation is an RCI week, one after the other, and the city order is dictated by the season avail.)
    BUT, on a budget, I need to fly Brazil - Milan, spending miles.

    Now the questions :)

    Options from Milan to Rome? I guess train is the best option, considering money. But how long does this trip take? (If there is one)

    Then I need to know the options from Rome to Athens, if any. Again, trying for the cheapest. I looked into fligth options, and is way expensive! (unless I looked in the wrong place, on-line 'search' sites)

    I will ask about transport from Athens to Cairo and then Cairo to Germany (couple friend want to visit family person there after the adventure... heheh) in the right place, unless you have advices here also.

    Thank you a lot!
  2. Ruby

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    hi there,

    Frequent trains run between Rome Termini and Milano Centrale train stations. A few fast trains also leave from Roma Tiburtina station.

    The fast Eurostar Altovelocita (ESA) trains make the trip from Rome to Milan in as little as 3 1/2 hours although some take 4 hours. Eurostar (ES) and Intercity (IC) trains take from 5 to 6 1/2 hours. The fastest ESA trains cost almost double what the IC trains cost. You'll need to reserve a seat but you don't need to change trains to get between Rome and Milan. Trains leave from early morning until about 11:00PM.


    I think the cheapest way is to take a train from Roma Termini to Ancona (about 3 hours) and from Ancona take a ferry to Greece.

    In the summer there should be 2 or 3 ferries a day traveling to Greece, this might be the cheapest but time consuming as it will take you about 20 hours from Ancona to Greece.

    Athens-Cairo and Cairo-Germany

    I think the easiest way and cheapest will be by plane on these last destinations, check with Cyprus Airways, and Egypt Air for flights from Cairo to Germany

    Happy travels
  3. Rawz

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    Thank you Travadvice360!
  4. karim-gaber

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    i think , one week in cairo will be too much
    try to come to alexandria too
    it is only 2.30 hours by train and u can stay in it a couple of days
    the train will cost about 35 egyptian pounds , that is less than 5 euros ,,
    and , try egyptair to go to Athens , i think it is the cheapest

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