Rome to Florence by boat ?

Discussion in 'Italy' started by granted, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. granted

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    Ideas please about going by boat from Rome to Florence? and hiring a car there and dropping it off at Pisa Airport around July 16th - Thanks
  2. itravler

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    Traveling by boat, we got a chance to see the beautiful nature scenes that dot the shoreline of the lake. Our morning drive led us to Florence, the Renaissance city in the beautiful mountain folds of Tuscany. We have seen the Duomo, Giotto s Bell-Tower, Piazza della Signoria and Santa Croce as our expert local guide walked with us through the city. We hired a new Astra car and all seemed to be ok with the car. Our vacation was very nice and peaceful.
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    taking a boat from Rome to Florence

    Thought I'd throw in some info for anyone who might be interested in taking a boat from Rome to Florence. A number of Italy tour companies can help their guests arrange custom itineraries that see them enjoying any number of things. You might start there when looking to organize such a boat trip. Many a company includes city tours on their boat trip itineraries, which is also worth keeping in mind.
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    Many companies are providing boat services to various places. One can enjoy the beautiful sceneries while travelling on boat.

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