rope-swinging at Corona Arch banned?

Discussion in 'Utah' started by GallyArturo, Jun 12, 2014.

  1. GallyArturo

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    Anyone here heard that they'e gonna ban rope-swinging at Corona Arch? Apparently they banned it from commercial outfitters last year and now they want to ban it to everyone. Watching it on youtube I can see why they would want to ban it since a few folks have died. Anyone done rope swinging before near Moab?
  2. JeroninomFG

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    Corona Arch Rope Swing

    Rope swinging is a big problem on this arch and the nearby Bowtie Arch. The amount of people just dieing because of accidents is a disgrace. It is hard to fathom how this was allowed in the first place that now they have to shut it down most likely creating a bit of backlash by these daredevils.
  3. oceanomar

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    I laughed when I heard the interview with the land managers of Moab responsible for shutting the rope swinging saying that they do not look down on folks who do this activity. They say that it's a matter of whether rope swinging is appropriate or not on lands designated for hiking, and that they do not condone rope swinging nor stopping it everywhere.

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