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    i'm looking to go to the music festival in Rothbury for the first time with couple of friends. Has anyone being to it b4? I'd appreciate any info please? Where can we get good tickets? thanks
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    Hi there,

    The Rothbury Music Festival will take place on the 4th of July over four days. The main goals of the festival it's to bring awareness of global warming, and educate people on how they can be more environmentally friendly.

    Apart from the global warming agenda, the actual musical festival will feature over seventy bands playing on eight different stages of performances.

    At the festival, you can choose to stay either at summer-camp style bunkhouses or private log cabins, all featuring outdoor pools and complimentary breakfasts.

    However, the most popular and cheap way to enjoy the festival, it is to stay in camping accommodation. The campgrounds also offer on-site toliets, drinking water, general store, etc.

    For Rothbury Festival tickets, you can visit this link: The Rothbury Festival Tickets

    Hope this helps

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