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Discussion in 'Cruises' started by wanderer, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    I'm pretty sure this isn't going to go over very well. But starting March 1, Royal Caribbean is going to add the tip to your bill...they said it will "simplify the service recognition process." It will show up on your bill at the end of the cruise, split between housekeeping and dining staff.

    It's $12 per day if you are staying in a regular cabin and $14.25 for suites.

    Part of me thinks this is good. The hard-working folks will get tipped, but it stinks to have another fee on your bill.

    What do you think?
  2. lalmas23

    lalmas23 New Member

    Royal Caribbean must be having a laugh,. Mandatory tipping? No thank you very much! What incentive will the cabin crew staff are going to have knowing that they don't really give you a good service? Also, their excuse that it will simplify things sounds more like total BS...
  3. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    I got to thinking about the workers. While it seems nice on the surface, I wonder if they're going to cut their pay and just give them the tip money. And it makes their taxes a lot more complicated. Yeah, I think it's probably B.S. too, lalmas.
  4. BeltionEnzo

    BeltionEnzo New Member

    (Royal Caribbean tipping policy needs revising in my they really expect all guests to pay on a daily basis this automatic tip? This policy is going to affect cabin attendant/dining room staff services who won't be receiving as many gratuities now. Thanks RC!
  5. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    I do think it's going to hurt the people who need the money the most. If I see an automatic tip at a restaurant, I very rarely add on an extra. I bet people might not even think to tip, too.

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