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Discussion in 'Russia' started by doenhillRacer, Oct 24, 2012.

  1. doenhillRacer

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    just in the process of applying for visa for me and my family...I wanted to double check with you about invitations to Russia. Do we need them? who issues them? if so, how do we obtain them and what do they cost?
  2. Sofardist

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    get Russia invitation from hotel

    You need to get invitations to cover the entire length of your stay. Normally, you get them from your hotel and travel agency. Otherwise, you can buy an invitation which may actually work out cheaper. when I did mine it was cheaper for us to buy an invitation that covered our entire route than to obtain them from the individual hotels. The good thing about going the hotel route is that most hotels issue invitations for free.
  3. getinAMrr

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    a few things I would add to what the last poster said is you'll need an invitation (aka visa support) to cover every person travelling. Make sure everyone is listed on it to avoid any issues, though I think you can do it as a group. The visa will cost around $100 per person, and if you had to buy invitations, it would be something like $40 per person.
  4. supasupa

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    Russia tourist visa/ invitation fees

    the tourist visa is a bit complicated but basically in order to get one you need to to obtain a tourist invitation, which you can get from a Russian travel agency, though make sure it's one that it's registered with the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You can expect to pay anything between $25 to $40 US. The actual tourist visa will cost from $50 US to $150 US, depending on the time of processing.

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