Ryanair Riga airport charges

Discussion in 'Latvia' started by WAporter, Sep 24, 2013.

  1. WAporter

    WAporter New Member

    For all those of you who don't know, if you are flying with Ryanair you have to pay up airport charges upon leaving Riga airport which include a departure and security charge. Luckily, all the other airlines include this charge into the ticket price but Ryanair opted out, which means Riga Airport will collect the charge (around 7 euros) from you directly. You can pay these airport charges at the self check-ins but from experience I would do it all online to avoid the long queues.
  2. ElCamono

    ElCamono New Member

    Ryanair always has to make the news and not for the right reasons. Ryanair likes to charge customers for silly charges like using the toilet...per usual their commercial interest always gets in the way of the needs / wishes of passengers.
  3. Polacowe

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    It sounds like a typical Ryanair rip-off to me. This is the reason people think Ryanair is the cheaper when going to Riga because what people aren't aware of is that Ryanair don't factor in these fees. Hence, giving the illusion their flights are cheaper. Mark my words...the next thing we (passengers) will have to pay is for using the airport lounges!

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