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Discussion in 'Ecuador' started by ann, Jun 29, 2006.

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    I'll be traveling to Ecuador later this summer around Aug-Sept. It's my first time to South America. Can anyone give me tips on what to watch for or of any dangerous areas and how to be safe?

    Any info would be great!
  2. Hi Ann,

    Generally Ecuador is a safe place to travel but alyays be on the lookout in the big cities like Quito and Quenca where you could fall prey to petty crime. Don't be flashy and carry your camera around your neck, don't walk at night alone, and keep an eye on your surrroundings.

    Have a great trip and write back if you have any questions.
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    Hi Ann,

    Singletraveler hit a number of good points. Most of the time just using common sense could greatly improve your safety. I've been to both Quito and Cuenca a few times and have never had any problems, but I know the risk is out there. The most important advice I can give is that there truly is "safety in numbers"

    Most of all, have fun!
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    Hey Ann,

    I had an interesting happen to me in Quito. A friend and I were partying in the Gringo district nightclubs and ended taking the party back to our room with some friends. The next morning i found that my 2,000 video camera was gone. My advice if you don't know them then lock your gear up at the hotel desk, safe, or other persons room if your throwing a party.
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    Travel Safety in Ecuador


    This is an old post, but I thought I would chime in. Travel safety in Ecuador is a concern, but it's not such a big concern that it's on the State Department travel warning list. That doesn't mean everything is perfect. As always, common sense is usually the answer to the question: is it safe to visit Ecuador. When you stick to the tourist areas, you're more likely safer. Daylight helps too, as do safety in numbers as was just mentioned.

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