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Discussion in 'Guatemala' started by fly23, May 12, 2011.

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    a few of my female friends and I are planning a trip to Guatemala city and Tikal (and maybe Belize) this August. My friends have read many blogs and articles about how dangerous it is to travel to Guatemala. is this so? anyone been there lately can tell us more?
  2. Danny

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    Don't think Guatemala is the most dangerous country to travel to. I mean Guatemala has a high crime rate, though not higher than many US big cities. No doubt, Guatemala has a crime problem, from urban gangs to corrupt police and army officers, but it comes with the territory.

    The highlands where the indigenous people are, they're the safest spots in the country, but in cities like Guatemala City expect city problems so don't carry large amounts of cash, but enough to make a thief happy if necessary.

    My feeling is that the main risk tourists run is from theft- pickpockets and bagslashers in busy areas, and muggers in deserted areas. As long as you take basic precautions the risk isn't that super terrible.
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    Hello to those who are thinking of visiting Guatemala. I have not been, though I have traveled through Ecuador and Peru and had little problems. I did get robbed by an armed group of youths in Guayaquil, though me and my friends got off at a dark, lonely bus stop well after the sun went down. Kind of asking for it. From what I gather, Guatemala City is the most dangerous spot to be in Guatemala. Some travelers recommend that you avoid the buses in Guatemala City, as bus robberies are relatively common. Pickpockets are arguably the biggest thing to worry about. Another thing to consider is the fact that the Guatamala-Mexico border region is known as being "high-risk", and generally speaking, it is not wise to display your valuables while traveling anywhere in the country. Basically, common sense will keep you relatively safe on most occasions, and if you feel the need, you can always look to hire security escorts for your tourist group. Unfortunately, there is a certain amount of danger related to traveling, especially in poorer countries such as Guatemala.

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