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Discussion in 'New Jersey' started by Vicolette, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. Vicolette

    Vicolette Super Moderator

    Would any of you savvy casino gamers like to share any safety tips that folks should be aware of when gambling solo in popular cities such as Atlantic City, Biloxi, Nevada or any other high rolling location?
  2. ZZZder

    ZZZder New Member

    The best tip I ever learnt whether at casino or traveling is to never make an open display of how much money you have. The amount of people that flash their cash is so silly..then they complaint when they get targeted by a thief. If you win big at the casino your best bet is to have the cash office hold your winnings until you leave.
  3. Hjkop

    Hjkop New Member

    casinos are rigged

    I dont think much about safety in casinos but more whether casinos are rigged or not. I cannot see how thiefs can pickpocket or similar in a casino with all the security and cameras around. I guess it all depends on what casinos you frequent but in all honesty, I think you have more to worry about casino staff and owners since many of them rig their slots stealing blindly from the public.
  4. Vicolette

    Vicolette Super Moderator

    I prefer greyhound racing and a day at the horse track playing the odds but the few times I venture out to the local casino here in Tampa I don't flash my cash, keep my purse secure, and I pay close attention to who is in the elevator with me when I exit the casino. When I'm not playing, I watch those who are watching others and giving off a bad vibe.

    I'd also suggest if you're walking to a parked car, whether it's in a parking lot or the casino's parking garage, have your keys out and ready, pay attention to anyone who is just hanging around, pay attention to walking down the stairs versus taking the elevator where someone may be lurking, and don't be on your cell phone distracted. Be aware of your surrounds. If have a bad feeling about anything or anyone, get back on the elevator and ask if the casino offers security service.
  5. timothyjohnsons351

    timothyjohnsons351 New Member

    Right, not letting the others know about how much money you have is a very nice strategy!

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