sailing up the Oslo fjord

Discussion in 'Denmark' started by racezJona, Dec 24, 2014.

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    A great way to enjoy the Oslo fjords is while on an overnight ferry. There is an overnight DFDS ferry from Copenhagen to Oslo that goes up through the fjords early in the morning. Waters can be really rough on this route, so I suggest doing it in May, which is one of the calmest months.
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    sightseeing cruise of Oslo Fjord

    A sightseeing cruise of Oslo Fjord is well worth the money as you will see how people live around Oslo as well as the amazing natural scenery. The Oslo Fjord is a great start for a sailing trip along the Norwegian and Swedish coast, lovely scenery from start to finish!
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    Agreed, though Oslo Fjord is not as impressive as Bergen or Alesund! One of the nicest things to do in Oslo for sure nevertheless but make sure weather is clear and good before you do this trip or you won't enjoy the boat trip around Oslo fjord.

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