Salem at Halloween

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    The site of the Salem Witch Trials in 1692 is one of the best places in America to celebrate Halloween. This town, just to the north of Boston, really celebrates its spooky roots!

    The schedule of events--much of which are available year-round--is packed with spooky happenings. The fun includes haunted harbor cruises, ghost walks, and trolley tours.

    The Witches Cottage hosts a live, interactive witchcraft show, with plenty of extra fun at Halloween.

    That famous trials will be re-created by the Salem Theatre Company, and the House of the Seven Gables also hosts theater shows.

    There's a ton going on in Salem. This nice webpage has all your details.
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    Salem Witch Dungeon Museum

    thanks for posting details wanderer! have you been to the Salem Witch Dungeon Museum? I'd also add the Salem Witch Dungeon Museum to anyone's itinerary as I think it's a great place to visit in Salem. If you want to learning about the witch history and how the witches in Salem were treated you will really enjoy this tour and the re-enactment of a witch trial.
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    Oh good addition, thieryhenrii! I can't believe I left out the Salem Witch Dungeon Museum. I have a magnet from them on my fridge. It is pretty cool.

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