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Discussion in 'Utah' started by phbailey62, May 26, 2007.

  1. phbailey62

    phbailey62 New Member

    We're heading out to SLC in a couple of weeks. What do you suggest are the "must sees" in the area. We'll be there for the Rotary International Convention and family research, but will have a fair amount of time to sightsee. Don't want to miss anything that one must see in the area. Can you help me out? PB
  2. Izzy

    Izzy New Member

    hmm...i'd been there a few years back with a boyfriend and found the Temple Square quite interesting. now i'm not mormon but it was still something to experience.
  3. sealuvr

    sealuvr New Member

    are you into fossils? if so, try the Dinosaur National Monument. great for families but you said "we're heading..." so i don't know who that would include. anyway, hope that helps!
  4. bbz12

    bbz12 New Member

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  5. surferFan

    surferFan New Member

    try Antelope Island and the road to nowhere. offers guided horseback rides.
  6. Sarahchance

    Sarahchance New Member

    There's also the zoo, and the Lagoon amusement park depending on what kind of entertainment you are looking for.

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