San Fermin Festival

Discussion in 'Spain' started by mitraveler, Jul 6, 2012.

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    You've heard of this festival even if you don't know you have---this festival is best known for its signature event--the running on the bulls in Pamplona. The festival begins every year on July 6, and it got off to a start this year with tens of thousands of people gathered for the start of the festival. The Pamplona festival continues though July 15 with plenty of bull runs, bull fights and other events.

    Have you experienced this event? It looks a little crazy to me, but it is a tradition.
  2. Vicolette

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    I've never seen the event live, only on tv and I always think those folks are living on the wild side. Running through the streets with giant bulls on their heels seems mighty dangerous. But then again, the folks in Pamplona might think our rodeo cowboys are living on the edge riding those bucking broncos and bouncing bulls! I'll just stick to watching from the sidelines!
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    crazy run

    boy, is the running of the bulls the craziest event ever?! just came back from Spain a few days ago and im so glad i never joined the run! Noone died though dozens of people got injured...i remember seeing half-way through the run this guy falling down and getting up to find several hulking bulls, along with the bell-tinkling steers that run with them, right on top of him (lol)
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    If you're planning on taking part, leave your camera at home and don't act drunk - Or the police won't let you take part!

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