San Francisco hotel stiff fees for parking

Discussion in 'Hotels' started by dizzcover, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. dizzcover

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    If you stay in San Francisco and plan to stay in a hotel, be sure not to hire a car because parking at most of the hotels is outrageously expensive. I believe SFO Courtyard properties offer free parking but I have not stayed at any of their property before. Oh by the way, you can totally forget any realistic chance of parking on the street.
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    San Francisco Hotels with Free Parking

    Tell me about it...around $26 daily fee for parking. Saying this, there a handful of hotels that do offer free parking like the Redwood Inn and the Francisco Bay Inn. If you ask me though, there's no reason to have a car while visiting SF. You can rent one for a day trip away but rent it in the morning and drop off when you return


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